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Packing Design & Product Packing Services

We have established a modern, temperature controlled and multiple packing section in Shatin, where we have many experienced and qualified technicians with professional synergies focused on the packing operation. We offer cost effectiveness with the lowest prices, the highest quality, and the best services to our customers.

Daily Necessity Items, Food and others:

Repacking of packed foodstuffs
Ink Spraying (e.g. expiry date)
Shrink Wrapping
Logo Printing
Assembling & Disassembling of Accessories
Diversified and multiple functions handling
Piece Counting

Our Packing Facilities Include:

Ink Spraying Machines
Carton Sealing Machines
Bundle Packaging Machines
Individual Goods Packaging & Sealing Machines
Barcode Sticking Machines
Shrink Packing Machines